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Ohio’s budget, signed by Gov. John R. Kasich June 30, includes a new program to place security personnel in chartered nonpublic schools and child care centers at risk of terrorism or hate crimes, including Jewish day schools and community centers.


The program comes in the wake of the more than 160 bomb threats that were called or emailed to Jewish institutions, some of which contained preschools and child care centers, during the first few months of 2017.


“The vast majority of the recent threats across North America were aimed squarely at Jewish schools and preschools, and this new legislation will help keep all children, and the teachers and staff who work with them, safe,” said Howie Beigelman, executive director of Ohio Jewish Communities in Columbus.

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Mysterious package explodes Police say a 73-year-old man was badly burned after he opened a mysterious package the shape of an oatmeal container left on his doorstep and it exploded.


Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce says the man had second- and third-degree burns to more than 80 percent of his torso and legs, and was hospitalized in critical condition.


Boyce says the explosive was rigged to detonate when opened. He says the blast left behind "substantial evidence."


Neighbors told reporters the man was doubled over in flames and was on fire when emergency crews arrived.


The victim owns the Queens building but doesn't live there. A building tenant said he saw the package but didn't open it because it wasn't addressed to him. Police didn't think it had been sent through the mail.


Seventy-three coalition partners have committed themselves to the goals of eliminating the threat posed by ISIS and have already contributed in various capacities to the effort to combat ISIS in Iraq, the region and beyond. The breadth and diversity of partners supporting the coalition demonstrate the global and unified nature of this endeavor.