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Wendell Manswell

General Manager/Senior Investigator

Protection and Tactical Group, LLC was created to satisfy a demand for proactive, highly qualified security services by sensitive and valuable entities in need of that extra protection that only companies like ours can offer


PTG only provides reliable armed protection. In times like this, more than simple animated deterrents, true protection comes with the stopping power of fully-trained, fully-armed and experienced staff. Our permanent training together with our staff's solid backgrounds in different branches of law enforcement and the military ensures a measured and liability-safe response to threats and security risks.


We believe that the best protection comes with the best prevention, therefore we conduct exhausting risk studies in order to deploy our details in the most effective way, providing our clients with valuable advice before we start operations. Our customer service is none the less. We keep an alert ear to our client's needs and suggestions, always accesible and ready to respond and deliver.


"Always alert and never confident, never taking anything for granted", we never stop repeating these words. Being protectively tactical is our duty and our pleasure.


Wendell Manswell



Mr. Manswell served in the U.S. Army, 3d. Infantry Division as well as in the National Guard for over 10 years. He obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant and was a recipient of the Army Achievement Medal as well as other military commendations.


After his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army and still serving in the National Guard, Mr, Manswell attended the Criminal Justice Institute and became a police officer for the State of Maryland. In 1995, he moved to Florifda and joined the West Palm Beach Police Department where he was the recipient of various commendations, namely Oficer of the Quarter and Officer of the Year. A graduate from the State of Florida Criminal Justice Institute, he was trained in hostage negotiation, narcotics, interrogation techniques, organized crime, crime pevention and court case preparation. With a strong belief that health and wellness play an important part of one's ability to serve effectively in law enforcement and private security, Mr. Manswell is a certified personal trainer and a member of the National Federation of Personal Trainers. He also holds certifications from the State of Florida as private investigator, security officer and holds a statewide firearms license.